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CNE Christian Foundation is an interdenominational fellowship of brethren all over the world called to Foster God’s love, Righteous living, and Prosperity in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We exemplify a vibrant community of believers who actively seek to demonstrate God’s love, empower individuals for righteous living, and bring prosperity to the world. Through our diverse activities, they have touched numerous lives, experienced incredible breakthroughs, and witnessed the transformative power of faith. The foundation continues to grow, guided by the belief that God’s work in their midst will continuously elevate them to greater levels of glory.

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Our Activities

Bible Study

At the core of CNE Christian Foundation’s mission is daily Bible study. Believers come together to engage in deep, meaningful exploration of God’s Word, drawing inspiration and guidance for their lives.


As brethren in Christ, believers within the foundation gather physically and online to fellowship with one another. This fellowship strengthens the bonds of faith, encourages spiritual growth, and provides a supportive community for us on our Christian journey.


The foundation operates an outreach arm that extends compassion and support to those in need. Through their dedicated efforts, they bring hope and assistance to people in hospitals, schools, prisons, and even through radio programs, touching lives with God’s love.

Gospel Support

We actively support the spread of the gospel, both within and outside the church, driven by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We provide resources, assistance, and encouragement to ministries and individuals dedicated to proclaiming the message of Christ.


CNE Christian Foundation actively engages in evangelism, reaching out to others in diverse ways. One-on-one evangelism, as well as targeted efforts in hospitals, schools, and prisons, serve as platforms to share God’s love and the transformative message of the gospel.

Prosperity Support

We believe in empowering individuals according to their callings, visions, and goals. Through various means such as financial aid, mentorship, and skill development, assist people in realizing their potential and achieving prosperity in their lives.

Our Achievements

CNE Christian Foundation has experienced remarkable achievements and witnessed the faithfulness of God in their endeavors. Some notable accomplishments include:

Prison Outreach

CNE Christian Foundation was granted access to Awka Correctional Prison Center for the spread of the gospel and it has been massive. God’s love was demonstrated to them in the following ways;

  • Fixing a sumo pump for them as there has been scarcity of water in the prison.
  • Their Easter was celebrated in a special way by cooking for a total of 700 prison inmates.
  • The Prison has been visited seven times (7) since 13thof March, 2023 that access was granted to us, God’s word is shared and prayers made in each visit which has led to harvest of souls and the gospel being imprinted in the hearts of the prisoners.

Gospel Support:

CNE Christian Foundation supported the Interdenominational Youth Talent Show held at Ugwuoba in April 2023 with the Foundation’s Exercise books which is a total of one hundred and ninety-two (192) books. These Exercise books were given to encourage the children and youths, the ministers weren’t left out as well. The word was ministered to them and Cash prizes were given to winners of different talent exhibitions.

Radio Program Outreach:

Our Radio program outreach is organized to reach out to children and youths using God’s word. It is held every Sunday on Purity FM Awka. Souls have been won to God through this channel as we received calls from the audience on how God changed their lives through the messages preached.

Establishment of Some Businesses:

By the special grace of God, CNE Christian Foundation has been able to establish some businesses which are as follows:

  • A bookshop named Land mark bookshop and accessories
  • A restaurant named Diet foods and Snacks
  • A yam Plantation


Hospital Outreach:

Our Hospital outreaches has been massive and God has wrought healings, deliverances, signs and wonders in the course of this outreach. A total of seven (7) Hospitals has been visited with 124 patients Ministered to. Each visitation is accompanied with gift items to be delivered to the patients.

At the course of this outreach, Many patients hospital bills has been paid by this Foundation and we give God all the glory.

Testimonies from this outreach;

  • Healed of a twisted Intestine:

A Patient named Mrs Ekene Okoye that was admitted at the Lord’s Hospital was diagnosed of a twisted intestine, she was unable to eat anything including drinking of water, but after prayers, she was healed and made perfectly whole, Now she can eat anything and drink water. To God alone be glorified.

  • Accident victim came back to life:

 A man named Mr. Udegbunam Uchenna was involved in an accident and was very unconscious, He was admitted to Amaku Hospital at the emergency ward unit. By faith in God’s word, after prayers was made for him, God revived him and he came back to life.

  • Cracked bone and vein became Normal:

 A woman named Mrs Jude Faith was involved in an accident, as a result of the accident her bone cracked and the nerves were affected badly which made her hand swollen, she was in severe pains but after the prayers, the bone and the nerves became normal, the pains gone and the swollen hands became normal. The name of the lord be praised.

  • Revived back to life:

 God miraculously restored life back to a man that has been in coma for several days as we prayed for him.

  • Accident Victim: A man named Mr. Ifeanyi Onwuzulike was knocked down by a car and was unconscious for days, He couldn’t talk nor walk but after He was prayed for, God revived him. He can now talk and walk to the glory of God.

School Outreach

Our school outreaches takes place every Thursday during morals in school. We use this opportunity to reach out to the students, we share God’s word with them, praise, worship and conduct prayer sessions and through these medium above, souls has been saved. During the course of our visit, we give out our Exercise books in form of an encouragement to students who answers our questions after the morals. Many testimonies have been recorded and we give God all the glory.

Testimony from school outreach:

A student by name Precious always sees herself in the ocean, according to her, she always tries to come out but a force always drag her inside the water making it impossible for her to escape.
This has been going on for months until she was attacked during school hours, she could not talk and was rolling on the floor unconsciously, prayers was made for her and she was delivered, it never happened again. Glory be to God.

Our Activities

Bible Study

Prosperity Support


Gospel Support



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