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CNE Christian Foundation

God is Love & Jesus Christ is Lord

Who We Are

We are a group of people from diverse backgrounds and diverse gifts coming together to fellowship as one Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, to foster God’s Love, Righteous Living, and Prosperity.

God’s Love

We fellowship to foster God’s Love in our day to day activities and in our life.


Living a life of righteousness while following the Gospel of Jesus.


We believe in the riches of Christ manifesting through his son’s and daughter’s

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Help us reach the people who need help the most. Support our cause by donating and participating in our activities.

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Come Fellowship with us and experience the love of God and communion with men

“Have you had the opportunity to not just fellowship with your brethren but also upliftment of one another?”

Our Activities

Bible Study

Prosperity Support


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Support Our Cause

Help us to reach people who need assistance the most, ranging from health to financial assistance